3xFour PDF Help

Generic placeholder image
  • Open a PDF file either by using the open file button Generic placeholder image or by dragging a file onto the application.
  • Scroll to the data that you want to extract and use the Generic placeholder image button to toggle between scrolling and data selection.
  • Select the data that you want to extract by clicking and dragging the selection over the data. Then click the Generic placeholder image button to extract this data straight to excel. If you have an instance of excel open the data will write to that open instance starting at the currently selected cell. If no instance of excel is open a new instance will be opened and a new workbook created. Extracting tables with rows that span multiple columns is only supported where the first row spans multiple columns.
  • You can also use 3xfour to populate an excel table with data from a PDF. Select the table that you wish to populate within your excel workbook. This table will need to have unique row and column names that correspond to the rows and columns of the table in the PDF file. 3xfour will attempt to fill in the data within that data that matches those row and column headers. Once you have selected the data in the excel file, scroll to the page of the pdf file that contains the data you would like to extract and click the Generic placeholder image fill table button.